Worried About Your LSAT? Here’s What You Need To Do Next


“Worried About Your LSAT? Here’s What You Need To Do Next” will be hosted by InGenius Prep (quick intro video) and Next Step Test Preparation. on October 7th at 8:30 PM EST for students who justtook the LSAT.complimentary webinar

We will be covering:
- Steps to take to balance out a lower than expected LSAT score

- How to think about multiple scores on your record

- Best study strategies for students who are re-taking the test

Fall 2014 Webinar Series

Michigan State University College of Law will host more than a dozen webinars this fall for undergraduates interested in law school.  Webinars are offered at no cost, feature content-area experts (including pre-law advisors, career consultants, and veteran deans of admission), are open to all levels of students – freshmen through seniors and graduates – who are considering law school, and include a Q-and-A segment in which participants may ask questions may be asked of our expert presenters.


Wednesday, November 19, 12:00 p.m., EST: Careers in Private Practice and Government


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Download Fall 2014 Webinar Series brochure (PDF).


Law School 101– First Presentation of the Semester

Law School 101

Wednesday, Sept. 10th

Colvard Room 5091

4 – 5 p.m. with Prof. Nicolaides

Any student who wants to meet with me one on one, or who wants my help with their law school applications, must attend one of my Law School 101 sessions and complete an intake form.  I hold these sessions periodically on Wednesdays or Fridays throughout the semester so if you are unable to attend this session, there will be other sessions to attend.  I also invite guests to present at these sessions. For example, an upcoming session will be about paying for law school by Prof. Robert Salvia, an expert on financial matters.  Watch this website for all of my announcements.